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Taking place in Großer Wasserspeicher on March 3rd and 4th in two curated evenings of deep embodied sound experience, Resonance Lab invites artists and performers to explore the architectural acoustics of the reservoir’s maze.

Amplifying and playing with its resonances and echoes with a site-specific speaker installation, Resonance Lab aims to turn the space into an instrument itself, musicked by human sound-making practices deploying specifically voice and tape techniques.
Panel/performances on the political potential of music together with artists, researchers and activists from indigenous communities of the territories once colonized by russian empire and still viewed as the part of russia.
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Augury: Hybrid listening and atmospheric attunement exhibition by Juan Duarte Regino at the RIXC Gallery

The generative and interactive media installation has been inspired by ancient meteorology and modern methods of weather sensing to extend our perception of atmospheric processes, based on ancient Greek-Roman and Aztec divination practices, symbols and methods of weather observation and prediction.
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